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March 23, 2011 · Posted in Farming 

Today I’m asking the Ethic’s committee to hold a hearing to remove Senator David H. Senjem District 29 from office as a Minnesota Senator ASAP. For Senjem willingly and knowingly lied to the people of Minnesota on the public TV program “Your Legislators” relating to ethanol subsidies. For clearly, he had been lobbied and knew his Claremont plant was still receiving huge payments even as a very successful market driven plant that needed no subsidies to prosper.

For he also worked with his fellow and past legislative leaders to keep the conpiracy going that “this was a ten year program that was about to end”. If this was true all payments would have stop in 2009 and only a few plants would have received a payment in 2009 and not Claremont.

Yet after he and is fellow co-conspirators gave misleading remarks in January 2009 on “Your Legislators”, his Claremont plant received $803,439.25 by August 2009 even when he said, “I believe they are off the program”. Then in 2010 with un-allotment for the poor, cities and counties, his Claremont plant received a payment on August 10th 2010 for $1,021,462.42! Then the FY11 payment was moved up to August 19th 2010 for another $1,066,655.17 to his Claremont plant. Now if the legislature doesn’t end this wasteful program his Claremont plant will receive it’s last un-needed subsidy of $1,609,781.63 this year in August. For a total of about $30 million for Clarmont, just like the rest of these nine plants that feast out of the States “Golden Bowl” reserved only for the States Ethanol plants of privilege. Please review the State Data below and click on the ethanol tab for additional info on Senjem, that past legislative leaders and administrators failed to fully disclose to the taxpayers of Minnesota. I’m also asking my senator, former sheriff and now Senator, Bill Ingebrigtsen to move this at the Capital. So taxpayers finally get full disclosure and a open meeting so our new present Democratic Governor/Ag Commissioner and new Republican legislative leaders stop being lobbyist and represent the people and not special interest. For Ingebrigtsen and the ethics committee can still save the taxpayers from paying the last wastefull $15 million dollars in ethanol subsidies.  

Senjem also failed to look at the Legislative Audit report that clearly shows ethanol subsidies should end. Plus as minority leader, all the plants on the program were surely lobbying him, not just Claremont. See Legislative audit report: PDF

Ethanol Payments History and Projections by Plant through FY 2011

Ethanol Report 2010

Ethanol Financial Report 2008-2009 – See State report page # 6 for Investor Patronage Dividends and Subsidy totals for years 2009 & 2008 and see total report!

Ethanol Financial Report 2006 – 2007 – See State page # 9 – Patronage Dividends and Minnesota Produce Payments for years 2007 & 2006!

Ethanol Financial Report 2004-2005 – See State page # 9 of Report for 2005 & 2004 financial Info on subsidies and investor dividends!

The Governors office was and appears still is part of the ethanol subsidy conspiracy when you listen to new Ag Commission when he says we/Minnesota taxpayers still owe $15 million, yet he says, mission accomplished but does work to stop the subsidies. Click on MPR tape

Now listen to former speaker Steve Sviggum talk about the ten year program about to end years earlier and his leadership group of four.

Listen to former Speaker Sviggum in 2007 on AM 1280 ”Ethanol Subsidies” 3.5 minutes in on interesting view of legislative sides! More 10 year spin to temper the public and assure it’s almost phased out! -> Ethanol tape

As Steve Sviggum was telling Conservatives on 1280 and Alan Roebke the program was being phased out/ending the following was actually in the works in 2007 to do just the opposite. This bill below turned the program into: we will talk ten years but our ethanol friends will be paid in full reguardless of years. So pour on the Smoke, Mirrors and False Words Minnesota Leaders and the conspiracy will deliver for all conspiritors and it has. For the last $15 million is about to be delivered under the falses/longest 10 years scam in Minnesota Legislative history!
Agriculture/Veterans bill passes MN legislature

Written by: By Jonathan Eisenthal, special correspondent

The omnibus agriculture and veterans affairs spending bill passed Tuesday in the Minnesota State Legislature. The package won with a unanimous vote in the state Senate and a vote of 130-to-1 in the state House of Representatives.

Chief authors Rep. Al Juhnke and Sen. Jim Vickerman hailed the bill as a bipartisan effort that resulted in a victory for everyone.

“Corn doesn’t know if it’s being grown in a Democrat or Republican district,” said Juhnke, a DFLer who has served six terms on the agriculture committee and this session served as its chairman for the first time. Vickerman heads the Senate agriculture committee, as well as the ag division of the Senate finance committee. Juhnke said, “We need to take a neutral non-partisan approach to agriculture, and we succeeded here. I think the farmers will find a lot to like in this bill.”

Among its key provisions: ethanol producers will again be offered a full 20 cents per gallon payment for the first ten years of a plant’s existence. For existing plants still receiving payments, these will be boosted immediately from the current 13 cents level up to 20 cents. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture will receive a 21 percent budget increase. The bill also broadens the renewable energy standard passed earlier this year, and extended it’s 25 percent by 2025 provision beyond electric power generation to all forms of energy, including liquid transportation fuels and gas-based heating fuels.


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